On a typical hotel or lodging property we can provide the following terms*:


Greater than $10 million

Loan to Value:

Maximum of 75%

Interest Rate:

Aggressive Rates and Terms - Based on current market conditions

Minimum DSCR:





Required Information  


In order for us to review a hotel/lodging property we need to have a breakdown of the profit and losses for the past twelve (12) months, broken out by month.  We also need to see the occupancy and average daily rate (ADR) information included on each profit and loss statement (or provided separately for each appropriate period).  Lastly, please provide a description of all fees paid to a franchisor and indicate whether the property is full or limited service.


In addition, please review the requirements for the particular transaction type and other factors discussed on the main mortgage page, as well as the general information required for all mortgage transactions.



*  Please review our disclaimer.

** The actual rate available to your transaction can vary, these figures are provided for general purposes only.



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